Foot in Mouth

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Ever had a moment where you wish you had a 30 second delay on your mouth?

Here's mine.

I was in ninth grade and was working this girl who was a senior. She was punky in appearance and hey, I had a skateboard! We started to hit it off and I was invited to hang at her place, with her folks of course and a few other friends.

Some of the girls were talking about graduation and what their college courses were going to be when I asked Cheryl,, 'my girlfriend to be,' what she wanted to do after school.

She said that she was interested in some sort of social work with the handicapped and mentally impaired. Me, being completely sensitive to the feelings of others, blurted out, “so you wanna work with a bunch of retards huh?”

Without batting an eye, she slowly turned her head toward me and said, “my sister is a “Retard” and lives in a home.”

Needless to say I wasn’t getting anywhere with her after that and I left knowing it was the best thing to do.

It was the longest skateboard ride home- and in the rain.

I thought of this story because I haven’t said the word retarded in over twenty years, not until I posted the “word” in a thread about storm damage. I feel all bad now that I did…..:cry:
that reminds me of the time - in traffic and a car was attempting to CUT IN on the left, i flipped the bird, THEN looked in the rear view mirror to three Priests in collars, smiling and waving at me.

How small can you get?

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