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Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
The World Sailfish Tournament is happening in Key West today and ends up on Saturday. The first day of fishing, there were 235 sailfish caught and released. By 10 this morning, 89 have been caught and released.

The guy I am fishing with on the Main Attraction for the Mother's Day Dolphin Tournament is fishing the Sailfish Tourny, he released 3 yesterday. He has not had any luck so far today, but the day is young. The guy that won the Mother's Day tourny last year is also fishing the Sailfish, he has had some luck today! :) The entry fee to fish the Sailfish is 7,500$ smackaroos, but First place pays 100,000$.
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Lines are out of the water till Saturday, tomorrow is a lay day. They released 224 today! Wow!
These are all sails? Or is there bycatch?

What are they averaging size-wise?
they had a trout masters tournament wich i believe is one of the biggest fly fishing comps in the uk on my local lake today and I could only fish when they had finished but had a 4lb trout and another 2lb fish in an hours fishing ,wish i had entered and done the day!
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These are all sails? Or is there bycatch?

What are they averaging size-wise?

They are targeting only sails. I know my friend that runs the Main Attraction "sight fishes" and only throws the bait when he sights a fish. He is up on the tower and alerting the mates below where to throw the bait. It is absolutely amazing to fish with them. I am not sure of the sizes they are catching, I don't think that factors into the equation of winning, it is more about how many and at what time you caught it.
If you click on the link, you can see there was one boat with 4 sails within seconds of one another. Imagine the excitement on that boat!
Guy on my boat had a sailfish the same time this marlin was wearing me out - those sailfish are fast but tire out way faster than the marlins.
More likely making itself unattractive to potential predators. The sail can add illusion of size, making itself appear too large to be a meal for other large predators.
I am glad humans don't do this to attract mates:


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Well, my guy finished 11th...he probably was not happy, but out of over 100 boats, not to shabby.
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I am very excited...Fishing in the 2nd annual Habitat for Humanity Mother's Day Dolphin Tournament! Captains Meeting is tonight, one day of fishing on Saturday. We are fishing on The Main Attraction with 4 other people. $13,000.00 up for grabs and we want it all!