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I know I'm a youngster, but there's still nostalgia associated with the first saw I ever used, or the first work vehicle I ever used or learned how to back a trailer with and all that. What are some of ya'lls first chainsaws and such? Here's the actual first saw I ever used. It's probably a new one for most of you all. The Kubota is the first thing I ever drove too.
first saw I owned, echo top handle. first tractor... Ford. so far gone no pics to be had. I have driven probably 15 different tractor types since, ford (50's and newer), kubota, john deere, massey ferguson, allis chalmers... back hoes, skid steers (bobcat, deere, caterpillar)
First saw... Stihl 041.

First vehicle... 1949 Chevy pickup

First Tractor... 1940ish John Deere

Wish I had each of them today. All 3 belonged to my Dad's Dad... my Gramps!

My first saw was an Echo (top handle). I should have sucked it up and bought a Sthil 020.t, I was being a tight wad.:\:

My first car was a 1990 Geo Metero. That's right baby, the 3 cyl. I got 40 mpg. I also could do 0-60 mph in a quick 19 seconds.:lol:

And I don't have a tractor, yet.
First saw I ran was a 250 McCulloch,when they were newly on the market.First I owned was an s-25 Poulan,still have it.First car,1959 Pontiac Bonneville with tri power.

First tractor I ever drove was a John -Deere B,'30's vintage.I own 3 vintage John Deeres 2 Fergeson 20's,3 Cat D4's,1 Oliver OC-6 crawler.
first saw i owned i stihl have 046 mag, first one ive run was grampas 011 av.
first truck was a 58 chevy pick up that would haul tail!
first tractor was grampas old old case orchard tractor, its still down there but i dont own it.
never owned a car till i got married, its in my wife and father-in-laws name still:)
Furst saw used would be a Jonsereds 49sp. First truck I drove would be my Dad's 1964 Ford 1 ton
First saw that was actually mine was a white top 61 complete with metal chainbrake. First vehicle almost exactly like Gary's 1950 Chevy pick-up that I bought from my grandpa, really wish I still had that truck, I sold it to a guy who completely restored it and it's still driving around town ocassionally.
First truck was a 1971 Ford F100 with a 390 and C6 automatic. My first saw was a little Echo that I bought from one of my lawn customers.
I don't remember the model but the first saw I ran, but it was a Homelite and it sucked. That is all our local hardware store had. You had to go a couple of towns away to get to a Stihl dealer and it took me a while. My fist vehicle was a 1964 Ford F-100 with a 264 cid (if I remember right) straight six and a four speed trans. My Dad made me hoe weeds in a 120 acre bean field all freakin' summer and my birthday was near the beginning of school so on the day after I got my drivers license he told me I could take his pickup to school from now on as he had bought a new one. It wasn't a cool vehicle by any stretch of the imagination, but it was something.
First saw - Jonsered 2036
First (and only, husband has 4 tho) tractor - JD 2550
First car - older vw beetle (during the COLD winter of '73 up in St. Cloud, MN)
First sewing machine - Singer Touch and Sew

First tool:

A number 2 round point shovel from the local hardware store.

My brother and I went and spent our allowance on two shovels so we could get on the bus and go to San Francisco to try and get work digging out folks who were in a mudslide. 5th grade, I think.

We actually did pretty good. We walked up and down this neighborhood and made money clearing mud from in front of garages and stuff.
I still remember the looks we got from the commuter office types who were sitting on the bus with us covered in mud and holding our shovels. :)
Made more money than we were used to, thats for sure.

#2 Round Point Shovel rocks!
first saw was a piece of crap craftsman #??? 18" bar

first truck 1968 chevy 3/4 ton camper special with a 327

first wife Ronda, have'nt traded her in yet though. she's pretty reliable
First saw was a 056 super, first vehicle I bought and drove around like a jackass was a '47 Willys jeep.
First saw was a 056 super, first vehicle I bought and drove around like a jackass was a '47 Willys jeep.
Ha,after my old man retired he did about a dozen frame off restorations of the old Willys.His last job is in the barn,as I type.:)
My neighbor across the street has a '49 Willys. He's got it patched up and painted it military green. He's retired Navy, in his 80's and it's his play toy for running errands and participating in parades. :)
Stihl 028... but I was using a bow saw and bypass loppers when I was just a tike.
First vehicle, 56 Chevy 4wd Pick-up.[/QUOTE] and dont you wish you had that back!!!!!!!!
saw--254 olympyk--traded that for a 264 that i still have--first car--55 ford fairlane with a 272 and three on the tree--given to me--dad drove it and burned it up--told him not to drive it--first rractor--wd45 allis diesel---still own it--needs resto--