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Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
Just a reminder to check your fire extinguishers, make sure they are up to date. We had a small fire on our chipper last week and thankfully they were up to date and the fire was extinguished with no damage.
Safety Smith says change your smoke detector and carbon dioxide batteries too!:D

I yanked out the battery on my smoke detector. Whenever toast of anything smokes a bit in the kitchen, the stupid thing would go off. Drove me nuts with that high pitched alarm....
We had a bucket truck catch fire while driving, a few years ago. It was due to leaves and debris falling between the cab and the bed, and resting on exhaust parts. We stopped, jumped out, I grabbed the fire extinguisher, and it was empty. Had to call 911.
In Hawaii commercial trucks have to have a yearly safety inspection which includes checking the fire extinguisher. If you get a ticket for an expired safety inspection on a commercial vehicle the judge can levy a fine of $100 per calendar day. I know one tree company that got caught 6 days after expiration and was charged $600. They were lucky it wasn't 20 or 30 days later.
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Some brush got caught up in the chipper, and poof, caught fire! They caught it quick, thankgoodness.
I saw a car catch fire in the mcdonalds drive through way back when. I gotta get a fire extinguisher for the truck, havent had one in there for a while.
I saw a car catch fire in the mcdonalds drive through way back when. I gotta get a fire extinguisher for the truck, havent had one in there for a while.

Don't get the smallest size. I had a standard small one in my truck a few years ago...was headed up to Ohio and saw a panel truck on the interstate in W. VA with flames coming out of the engine compartment. My bud and I stopped and I almost got the fire out but not quite. It took off again. We spent the next 5 minutes at the butt end of the truck hauling out everything we could while his 8 yr old daughter stood on the side and wailed and screamed...everything they owned was in that truck. He was a young black dude in dredlocks, nice fellow, a dental technician (made dentures). What got my attention was the tanks of gas (oxygen and acetylene) in the back. We managed to wrestle them out and away from the van and just threw all we could onto the shoulder. Finally the flames ran us out and we watched it melt (aluminum body). The State Patrol showed up then with a large fire ext...we could probably have saved it all if I had had a bigger one.

I do now.


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were required to carry 5 pounders on all our vehicles if were working in a rural area during fire season. i just keep one in each truck and mounted on the chipper. suckers arnt cheap!
Here is old Al the shadetree mechanic changing the starter drive on what was a nice Lincoln Mk 5.Went to start it up with the breather off,poof back fired and on fire.No fire extingusher,in a building that had a hundred thousand dollar motorhome in it,at the time.

What to do,what to do.I hooked my truck onto it and pulled it outside with the front tires on fire and called the fire dept as I watched it burn.:cry:

Then of course I went to town and bought two of the largest Kidde fire extingushers I could find.Kind of like shutting the barn door after the horse got out. Now I have 4 at the shop,two in my garage and two in the house .
I have two 10 pounders at home and an old 3 lb one that I dont trust that it is charged or hmmm, discheargable? The truck is a little cramped already, not much room for an extinguisher and one wouldnt last long on the outside of the truck. I have to look at the space behind the seat, I should be able to stuff one in there.
yup, good suggestion, I was told that they can 'cake up' if left alone too long, thats another part of why I dont trust the one I have. Would rather spend the lettuce to get a new one that should be reliable. :)
Paul a good place to mount is on the floor right beside the driver's seat. There should be room to tuck a small one in there lengthwise along the side of the seat. Easily accessible and out of the way that's where the one is in my bucket truck, I'd grab a pic but it's still in the shop.
bench seat amigo, standard cab. only place is kinda behind my butt or mounted to the b pillar which I dont think is realistic spacewise..