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I just stumbled upon this magazine.
It is filled with crazy inventions like a made-of-wood gas engine, car powered by compressed air, do-it-yourself fireplace pellet machine, etc etc. There is some lady who uses goats to help pack her camping gear

A bunch of inventors messing around in their shops. Might be interesting to check out. I'm gonna get a free issue
I got that magazine for a few years when I farmed. A lot of ways to make your own shop stuff too. It's all geared to the guy with a small shop without sophisticated tools.
I get Farm Show. I like to make weird things out of farm junk.:) I'm building a log trailer out of an old manure spreader at the moment. I also have an old stationary silage mixer I am turning into a trommel screen.

Anyone remember Mother Earth News? used to sit next to "The Whole Earth Catalog" on the book shelf.


I've never checked into "farmshow".....Progressive Farmer has a section about Handy Devices.....always find/read it before I even leave the mailbox.

Tells you how to 'cut your tree safely' on the online site right case anyone was wondering how. :D