euro cup!

bought the boy a mini soccer ball today (bright orange!) and a wall banner for the dutch side. Sunday night I emailed an order to the printing company I use for the truck magnets and such, they printed me a few 3" by 3" KNVB logos on magnets for the truck / fridge :D
They managed to beat the Romanians, on to the next round.

So, who else is watching? :shifty:


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Why Holland? uhm, cuz I was born there and my dad traces our Dutch lineage to the early 1600's. :P
I still have Dutch citizenship (in addition to my recent Canuck status)....
I dunno, mebbe I just like the color. :D

The goalie in the pic I posted is a typical Dutchman,sandy blonde / brown hair, big nose, narrow face, tall, lanky.... just like me! except he is 6'4, I am only 6' tall
Heres my niece and I in our Croatia jerseys. They're looking real good right now except for Knezevic getting injured.


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