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top hopper

2000 Toro Dingo 222 $6000.00

New 23hp Kohler twin cylinder engine (100 hours, still under manufacturer warranty)

Foam filled tires (no flats!)

Standard bucket included

Pallet Forks included

Spare roller chain included

Overall width 40.5 inches

Overall length 60.0 inches

Overall height 49.5 inches

Weight 1565 lbs. (with standard wheels and tires)

Rated operating capacity 515 lbs.

Dump height 48.75 inches


BMG Branch Manager Grapple $1500.00

Excellent working condition!

Retails new for $2099.00

Package price

Loader and grapple together $6800.00

1999 Morbark 2090d disc chipper $8900.00 / BO

Approx. 1700 hours

9 inch capacity

71 hp Ford Industrial 4 cylinder engine (gas)

Hydraulic lift cylinder

LED lights

4500 lbs

300 lbs tongue weight

Pintle ring

2 knife system with reversible knives

Spare knives included (need sharpening)

Bought unit new, original owner. Great working condition. Needs paint.


1998 Chevy Express 1 Ton Van $4500.00

130,000 miles

5.7 liter V8

4 speed automatic transmission

Electric brake actuator

2” receiver hitch

Customized storage and shelving for tree work

1984 Ford F700 $3500.00 / BO

110,000 miles

390 Big block rebuilt at 100,000 miles, new clutch

5 Speed Manual transmission with 2-speed rear end

12 foot enclosed chip box

DOT certified
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Im getting out.

Im not at liberty right now to discuss the exact details. But when I can, I will.
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And in case you are all wondering the saws are yet to come.

They will be the last to go.
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What strikes your fancy John?
good wishes to you John, I hope you can soldier through what it is that you need to.
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Thanks guys.

Everything is just fine, Im just ready for a change is all.
Well damn man, hope everything is going your way. Some good looking deals there to bad I just geared up and you're so far away.
dang, hope all goes well with everything.
whats the tipping capacity on the dingo?
Its discouraging when guys that are doing what you are doing, throw in the towel. Even more so when they seem to be really good at it.
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Don't be discouraged. I'm not.

and besides, what ever gave you the idea I was any good at what I do? :lol:

Trust me, the glass is half full!
Those are good prices, I will ask around.

Good luck in your next endeavor!
Their are guys who talk themselves up on the net and then there are those whose day in day out posts show that they know what they are about.

I am going to brainstorm here for a minute. John can't tell us about his new gig because:

He's waiting on his background check to head off to become an FBI agent.

He's afraid that the guy that wrote him a letter of recommendation might try to swipe the job before he gets it.

His conviction is still subject to appeals.

Since getting heavy doses of gamma radiation he's been ripping apart his saddles almost daily and smashing trees to the ground with his bare fists. Now his cover is blown and its time to hitchhike to a new town.