Entertaining, educational day!!


Mar 24, 2006
All I had do to was watch, I'm not used to that!! And it beat a new house payment/divorce!!!


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They say eight:?

It's designed so you park a car over it, then crawl under the car and seal it it off.
I am too fat.

12'x4.5x5' high.
Oil change pit in your garage? A $40 set of ramps and a creeper isn't sufficient?

Of course it isn't. You're (you're = you are) a redneck! :lol:
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This was ALL mama!!! Trust me!! I figure it's time, it's time.
So, $120k plus for a new house, $40k for an addition with a basement. $5k for this. AND he company PAID for it in FULL!!
It's 1/8" welded and sealed steel, the lids hold 6k#'s and guaranteed for LIFE, and is transferable!!!
So, free, raises my property value, and is covered for life, how do you go wrong?

AND, I now have an oil pit:lol:
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It is a storm shelter, the latest and greatest from Oklahoma nonetheless!!
The stairs will fold against the wall, or angle out for easy entrance. You can store provisions under the benches, as I plan to.
No hinges on the door, it wont fly open. It's actually locked with two chains from the inside and slides even with the floor.
No worries about debris or a house falling in on you. Or getting sucked up when the house goes away.
This is under the garage, under 6" of concrete and re-bar, it's about as secure as you can get.
I must say, she did good!!
Now, if my garage floor seems about 2" higher than it should, you know where I am buried:lol:

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It would suck for a hurricane, but yeah, she did REALLY good!
They finally got here at 1pm, left at 7pm.

Now, it took me all of nine hours to get the garage to the state it's in! I have a 16'x80" trailer FULL sitting in a friends building.
AND had the log splitter chase me down the driveway, trust me, I had to change my pants after that!!
So now I get to look foreword to putting my garage back together again the rest of the weekend.
But she did good either way!
thats something i have considered doing too. around here, a lot of people put them outsideunder a patio, but id rather it be in the garage. im just not ready to put up the coin.
I am puzzled, in a huge storm it seems like the garage would fall down on top of the shelter. Then you couldn't get out!
Different type of storm, Frans. In California earthquakes, the house falls down on top of you. In Kansas tornados, the house blows away and lands in the next county (or the Land of Oz).

In Florida hurricanes, you just have pieces of the house blowing off and landing in your next door neighbors yard, or else the trees blow down on top of your house and crush it.
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The debris is the reason you want to park a car over it, so you can still get out. It's not very likely in my garage, I think it's been four years since I was able to get a car in there.
The search and rescue teams are VERY fast and thorough. I also plan to have one of them come over so they can note where it is;) As well as having some provisions stored in there.
Brian is correct though, if we have a direct hit, about all that will be left is the concrete where the house was.
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Not supposed to get in it for two days, have to air out the paint fumes, and let the concrete setup:lol:

I don't know that either of us is that flexible anymore either:D
Two thoughts on the matter, one put water in the shelter, not beer and two make some sort of a permanent marking on the driveway pointing to the storm shelter.
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Yeah, a case of bottled WATER, no beer Darin, but good looking out! BUT, Whiskey will mix with water, hmmmmmm...... Nah.

The air horn is a good idea! Hadn't thought of that!
They actually recommend that you have hearing protection and safety goggles for all the people you plan on having in there with you. Especially the children. I guess the noise is bad, and if you get insulation in you're eyes from it blowing around, well................

My wifes company reimbursed her for paying for daycare over the year. Thats how it got paid for.