Eclipse Tonight!


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Mar 6, 2005
Just a heads up!


Thanks Butch, I had my days mixed up and was looking for it last night. I hear that it will take on a red hue, should be cool looking.
That's cool and good timing here on the westcoast as well. Thanks for the heads up it's supposed to be clear here tonight. I'll be showing the kiddo for sure.
Hopefully the sky will be clear here. I like that it's gonna be early... I think the last one was the middle o' the night ?
Well I watched most of the first half of the eclipse, pretty cool. Also pretty damn cold from where I had to stand in my yard to see it so I'm back inside now.:D
just went out and had a lookey loo, kinda cool. contemplating taking the camera and tripod out, its kinda bright in the city tho...
ok, then I will, if'n you didnt get to see it I shall attempt to document it. :D back soonly.
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I might not get to see it, but at least I can...

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best I can do in the city...
10 times optical zoom, tripod, nightshot (2 second exposure)


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My son & I had a great view of it >>> Clear skies and visible from the front step ! It began much earlier than the posted 10:00 p.m., but it's still waning now & really a sight !
I could see it sorta good, but we have alot of light pollution and I just knew I could not get a good pix. Thank goodness that Paul B. got some good pix. Thanks for posting that!

Shot with Canon EOS 1D Markll, 300mm f/2.8, and either a 2x teleconverter or 2 stacked teleconverters, 2x and 1.4x, which, with the sensor in the camera, gives an effective 1092mm, or 22 power. These are cropped somewhat. I shot in manual mode, as the light range is so dramatic. Most were underexposed to bring out detail. Longer exposures over 5 or so seconds were blurry, prolly due to the earth's rotational speed.



Thanks, Paul. some high clouds came in at the end, and created shadows moving across the moon. You can't really tell in that last shot. Video woulda shown the effect.

I think this shot is a tad sharper...had some odd greenish coloration, though...
twas cool, i didnt know about it and said to my wife "check out the moon" then she said "oh yeah i forgot to tell ya":) we had clear skys for the whole thing
I could see it from my livingroom window. Very cool. At first it was almost a perfect quarter moon and then it got pretty fuzzy.