Double braid using brion toss method


Jun 25, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
hey wondered if the lengths of doing double braid using brion toss's method are safe to climb off since they are slightly shorter than samsons method?? thanks
Yes they are safe to climb on. Are you sure they are shorter? I don't have the directions in front of me, but aren't the toss directions longer? I thought samson has you make the first mark at 1 fid length (which is about 21 rope diameters) and toss has you make that mark at 24 rope diameters.

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thanks for that im not sure i though i heard someone say they were shorter but must be mistaken. cheers
I just looked at this the other day. I do believe Nick is correct that Brion Toss's directions call for a slightly longer bury.
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so it would probably be better to use this splice rather than samsons instructions. which have people found easier to follow??
Brion Toss's directions are much more intuitive and easy to follow and yield a cleaner splice (you don't make marks on the rope with a sharpie).

Either will give you a clean splice.

The first time I tried splicing double braid, I used the New England Ropes directions (posted on their website) and had no difficulties at all. Most double braids are very easy due to the loose weave of the rope.

I did buy the wand and broke it on the very first splice I tried with it. Was trying to splice 16 strand arbo rope and the wand wasn't long enough to do the bury in one shot anyway. I ended up throwing it away (after taking out my frustrations on the stupid, overpriced thing) and went back to using a coat hanger. For the last 5 years I've found it easier to simply order the 16 strand already spliced, but double braid can be done quickly and easily even with well used rope. And I'm not a splicer by any stretch of the imagination.