Dolmar 7900 for sale or trade

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Dolmar 6400 swapped from new to 7900 setup. New 64cc piston and cylinder included. Comes with 20" Jonsered (Windsor) .050 bar and Oregon full chisel chain. Muffler is gutted and Lakeside-style modded. The cylinder has mild transfer port work done by Hennessee Saw Shop. This thing screams! Has custom 066 stihl dawgs, and factory dawgs are included as well. This saw is in mint condition with 8 tanks of fuel ran through it. You can email me at: or pm me and I will get pics to you. I will consider a trade for the right saw


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Ohhh, I knew I forgot something. I have 800$ in this saw with the extra piston and cylinder. I would sell it and everything included for 600, + shipping. Saw has one tiny chip on the bottom paint. Other than that and the obvious muffler mod, its mint.
There's no right side up or down concerning the bar. You should flip it every time you slap a new chain on it.
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The "blade" is the bar and chain. Every time you sharpen a chain its a good idea to flip the bar over. That way the rails wear even on both sides. Thats how I do it anyway. Just the writing is upside down, and it will wear off in time. The actual bar has no top and bottom.
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Im open for offers or trades on this saw.
Are you wanting a bigger or smaller saw?

I'd offer up my 372xpw... but its basically the same saw. I really would like to play with a 7900, I hear they are a little faster than the 372 stock.
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Sorry, man, I traded it a while back for a super nice 044 with 12mm wrist pin. The 7900 will SPANK a 372 or 044 stock, hands down, but I wanted an 044, so I traded.
Jerry, it's about the same weight as the 372 but it's a big stronger. 79cc displacement versus the 71cc for the Husky 372XP. They are quite strong for the size. Same displacement as the Stihl 460.