Diagnosing Tree Problems


Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
Expect nothing.
Just observe.
My bro taught me that. I'd be all, "Oh, geez, the customer said blah blah blah..." Be a little bit of a 'Tree Whisperer' !!!
Every arborist should be able to do basic troubleshooting. Maybe you come up with the answer, maybe not.
A checklist should be in order.
Can y'all help me compile a checklist ?
1.) Root flare showing
Its always a good idea to touch the tree. I know it sounds silly but touching the tree often has lead me to looking closer and seeing something I might have otherwise missed. Make sure you walk 360 degrees around the tree.

Branch attachments
Condition of bark on main stem and branches
Examine foliage and overall condition
Stem girdling roots
Detached bark
Healthy growth of woundwood around injured tissue
Many time what ails a tree may have happened many years ago. 1st would be any construction damage, secondly ID, because certain trees have certain problems associated with them.