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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
in the december 2007 tci magazine theres a great article on professional duties in tree risk assesment. do any of you have a daily log you carry around and make notes of what you advised people to do or not to do? very good read if you havent seen it yet
I dont have a log but I usually print a page from mapquest to get to a clients place. I make my notes on the back of it and keep the sheet in a file at home, if I do an estimate, it gets stapled to the map/note sheet. especially important if you discuss defects or hazards I think.
In this day and age a daily log is becoming more and more important to keep. Not only for the point that Willy brings up on advising, estimating and consulting our customers, but in our every day life affairs too. Liability issues today are affecting every aspect of our lives. The more records you keep the more protected you are, if your are honest anyway.

Napolean had the right idea.
I have a log. I record at least 5 things I did everyday at work. Good to help you look back, etc.

Even better if you have a boss...... :(
A daily log was very helpful to my wife and I several years ago. I got the grounds maintenance contract at a condo where we had the tree contract. I was asked to submit a bid by the resident manager, after his brother-in-law abruptly left to take a job in Los Angeles working for his uncle. After six months, he moves back to Hawaii and tells the resident manager [his bro-in-law] he wants the maintenance job back. The resident manager tells my wife that he wants his bro-in-law to take over. I tell the RM no way. He then starts to find all kinds of fault with our work and complains to the property manager [his boss]. We have a big meeting, my wife, the RM, the PM and me. The RM tells the PM all the stuff we are supposed to do and haven't been doing. My wife then brings out a very detailed log book listing every single thing she did on each of the 3 days a week she went there. [I did not even know she keep a log.] The PM tells us, "You guys are doing a lot of extra stuff not on the list." We come out of the meeting with a $200 per month increase in pay. [This was a meeting to get us fired.] The RM was fuming. He then started to sabotage the grounds by turning off the sprinklers and trying to kill some of the plants.

We are still there after 11 years. The RM? He got fired about 7 years ago when he finally gave the PM an ultimatum. He told him either we go or he goes.:lol:

Yes, keeping a daily log can be very helpful. My wife no longer does the grounds, I do. Do I keep a log? No.