Cutting and Rigging in the Tree

gf beranek

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Apr 18, 2007
God's country, North Coast
Here's a trailer promoting the next Working Climber Series video due out next year. Cutting and Rigging in the Tree. No telling exactly how long it is going to be and the titles it will include, but it will cover all the bases, long or short.

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Thats really cool too, Jerr.

Its so fun to watch these things but it obviously takes a huge amount of time and work to put them together, and even moreso cuz you are thorough. It boggles my mind how much went into your Fundamentals book.

We are lucky that you are so into it.
So Jer did you do the filming for this video?? If so were you serious about making me a video??:) I have a friend lined up to make one for me but I doubt he will bring the expertise and experience that you obviously have.
Jerry was serious. You can check out his website for links to some of his other work. ;)
And if Jerry does your video, it will give you instant credibility in many circles. 8)
High quality.Awesome footage from the tree.

B-day presents for the crew when it's available...
Very nice, especially the word choice to make you really survey the skills needed!
Cool, I want one. I can't think of a better source for this kind of video traing.
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There's lot's of work yet to do on this one. It will keep me busy for about 7 more months.

Yeah, I can do a demo of the power ascender. I have a little free time for other projects too. Nothing too in depth.