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Anyone know how to easily update a craigslist ad so it pops up on the newest listings?
I am hoping to avoid deleting an ad, and then redoing it....

Set up a craigslist account. It will save your reposting then you just click the "relist" button or something like that. I've done it a few times to advertise local tree work.
Post it through an account. Then delete it and hit the repost button.
Deleting and then reposting will not put your ad on today's list if the original ad was posted just a few days ago. Do set up an account and make a new ad by copying and pasting the contents of the original ad and making a new title. For example the ad 2 days ago might have read "Frans Professional Tree Service" and today's ad "Tree Service by Certified Arborist". If the title of the new ad is almost the same, CL will often times reject it. I advertise on CL quite a bit for tree work. Don't get hardly any calls from it, but it is free and I have picked up a few jobs all around the $1K amount.