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Dec 6, 2005
So. Oregon
so i have my laptop that i take to the garden show along with a large monitor. sometimes i want to show a client something on the laptopand it gets displayed on the monitor also. is there a way to have one thing running on the external monitor and look at something else on the laptop?
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thanks paul, not sure what that all means but ill try it when i get to the show!
hahaha, your welcome!
looks like it needs a two output video card though, I didnt read the article, I just looked at the pictures ;)
So you're saying you'd like to be surfing the House while displaying a company slideshow or something right?

Yah I have no idea how to do that.:D
Go to- properties
then- settings
then check- extend my windows onto this monitor

then its just a matter of dragging which items you want from monitor to monitor
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jeeze butch, this is the first time ive wanted to delete something from a thread of mine :barf: