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Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
So my old computer had a hard disk failure last year and I used it as an excuse to buy a new CPU (the computer died honey, I need to buy a new one :shifty:).

The old CPU has been a doorstop since then.
Package includes:

AMD Athlon 1700 (thats the number printed on the chip, I thought it was the 1400xp) Chip
K7S5A motherboard
Rockwell 56K modem
Radeon ATI 64Meg video card (fan was off balance once in a while it would make a shudder noise but it never failed or quit)
2 RAM sticks, I THINK they were 512meg each, they might only be 256's

everything worked when the hard drive died so I assume it still does.

for the lot, $30 US plus $5 handling plus actual shipping cost.

any takers? I will leave it up here for like 48 hours then it will go to Ebay if there is no interest. :)


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Maybe nick could splice on a USB to double braid converter.
If you put it on ebay, don't include the part about it being a doorstop!
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ha! i didnt actually use it as a doorstop but it has been immobile in the corner of a room since it was decommissioned...