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I own a few different brandname helmets but was wondering if any of you fellow climbers knew where a guy could find HB Wales helmets(El Cap) I have only been able to find a few on Ebay.....and it seems the company may not exist any longer.



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They kinda have the Pacific(kevlar) helmet vibe going on. Weight is about the same.


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Thanks Nick, I can't seem to win much over there.
I use the pacific kevlar, I like it alot.
Comfy and snug and there's even a chin strap.

I really like the ratchet suspension.
id like the pacific if it were full brimmed, the rain would run down your neck i think. but i do like the look of them
It sucks, but I wear a hood from my rain jacket if it's that bad.

Nothing beats a D.D. Dent full brim jobber in the rain.

I like it for the most part, never survived a huge struck by in it. knock on wood.
though I broke one trying to beat a starter cellenoid on a chipper to get it started.

My helmet cracked, had to get another.

Don't beat your helmet on metal.

I like the look and it's pretty comfy.
I've heard people complain that the ratchet digs into their occipital condyle.

Doesn't bother me.

I bought Malika a Turquoise Pacific Helmet. We're so cute. :)
I wear my hard hat but am thinking about upgrading to a climbing helmet. I like the idea of having a brim. I'll come home all red-faced without one.
Vertex best. Id like to use a vent but, alas, company won't let us use them. Not EHAP rated.
I like my Pacifico