christmas wish lists

Paul B

I dig hammocks.
Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
so I was thinking today that I liked a couple of the Chris Farley movies, black sheep and Tommyboy. so I looked him up on, I saw his day of passing, man, it was 1997! I dont remember it being that long ago, for some reason I had it in my head that it was like 4 or 5 years ago, not almost 10 years ago. wow, time flies.
I got my dad something like that, only it is a jet plane. He lives on a golf course so he should have some fun with it.

OTGBOSTON, I looked at some of the heliocopters, some have more range of movement than others.
Just an idea; everyone knows someone a little less fortunate than themselves, find a way to make their holiday a little more exciting.