Chipper RPM

My friend says a mechanic and one other source told him to run his 125ish JD at 1900 in his morbark 16"

I think its too low, I say atleast 3/4 throttle unless its rinky dink stuff.

My old drum has two throttle positions - wide open and WFO!!
My 140hp JD is set-up from the dealer at 2400rpm. Everything is working like a hot damn for now.
It probably boils down to the fat part of the torque curve in whatever diesel.
The digital tach on my Woodsman show 253 at idle and around 780 at full throttle. Of course, neither one is correct. I really don't need a tach on the chipper. It only runs at 2 speeds, idle or WOT.
Hell Steve, just hold yer hand against the infeed housing and count how many thumps you feel it it tick in six seconds, then multiply by ten...anyone can do it.:|:

Can you do it from a video Burnham?

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It did vacilate a smidge, you may be right.

Now you are being just plain silly...this is just what you have to do if you don't have one.

Like using a pull rope if you don't have a set of wedges and an axe.


Sorry, won't happen again.:D
i have an axe, but its apparently small in comparison to burnhams, im so ashamed :blush:
i have an axe, but its apparently small in comparison to burnhams, im so ashamed :blush:

I would make some smart ass comment, but I promised Burnham that I would'nt do that anymore. Plus I can't think of anything.:)
I will not be goaded into some conversation that may be termed as "just silly" no matter how you may try Willie. I'm above that now. It's nice to know you are comfortable with the length of your axe though. I think there may be some pills advertised on the internet that can help you with that.:lol: