Check This Out/ Speedy Climbing!


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Mar 6, 2005
From a thread at the Buzz, a time lapse video. The way he gets out to the tips makes me jealous!

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Thats a neat video!

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Watch carefully. The crown thins during the climb. -Hopefully it was just deadwooding a really crappy Cottonwood -otherwise he stripped way too much out.
He's got some cool videos. The tips weren't so impressive to me as the moves across those top arches... tricky stuff.

I agree with Justin too, if he's taking live branches from a mature tree, that was too much. Probably just deadwood though.
that was real cool I watched some of the other ones and I like thr takedown too
Welcome Jeffrey. I gotta ask, is that a wooden chip box on your truck?
Welcome Jeff I aint seen the video but I'll watch it tonight. Climb safe!
Ok I watch it, man I love vids like that. TM/ tree machine use to make them in quick time. He came to the treehouse and got booted out for actin stupid. I saw the lunch break and climbering her twice. Most excellent day fer ya I'm sure. To have a compiliation of 60 minutes of video like this would take years probably!

Somebody stole 25 grand of your gear,? Man that just pure sucks!
Welcome to our beloved TreeHouse Jeff! Clever idea for a cool vid dude.

Don't be afraid to start threads and post! Everybody is pretty laid back and cool around here. Some of the guys at other tree sites can be pretty harsh but we don't roll like that.:D
Welcome Jeffrey. I gotta ask, is that a wooden chip box on your truck?

It is a wooden chip box. The second on that truck: the first was destroyed when an employee ran it into a tree.

I made the videos in Quicktime and reduced their size with TotalVideoConverter.

Thanks for the welcome. I had no idea that the response would be this positive.