Canadian? or Canadian wannabe?

Canadian? or Canadian wannabe?

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I had a canandian girl once...but it general I'm a wanna be........:D
I chose wannabe cuz I became Canadian by choice, not by birth.
But I am still a Dutch citizen too... go figure.
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Sorry John there is no option for pirates on this poll, ya scurvy dog!
Those are the only two choices? It's like voting for president, eh?
:/:....speaking of Pirates, did customs(USPS) deliver a package early?
I picked wannabe but that's only if I get to live on an island in in the San Juans or Georgian Bay with Yasmeen Ghauri.
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:D Well this thread is actually dedicated to the increasing number of Canadian slammers in the House. Ya know I just thought I'd give 'em a thread to come out of the closet on. Oh Branch Doctor!!!:D
WTF, aye?:D

OK... "aye" = wannabe! So "take off Eh", you wannabe.:P

To spell it "Eh" = Canadian! You know, land of the three "B"'s...Beer, Back-bacon & Beer!!!8)

No Back-bacon & no beer for No_Bivy unless he brings his own beer (Canadian beer) and back-bacon (Canadian Back-bacon) and shares with everyone!

If your not a Houser...your a Hoser Eh!

Man, the choices on this poll are WORSE than the choices on a presidential ballot. It like asking "are you homosexual or do you wish you were."
Yasmeen Ghauri.


I don't know about the cool part, but wannabe is close enough in a poll with no choices. Fistfuls of Canadian relatives. Wouldn't mind having a second home there, honeymooned there, love lacrosse and hockey and Canadian beer beats the hell out of any piss that anheuser busch ever tried to concoct.