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Mar 7, 2005
Western Oregon
...does WesSpur not offer a proper faller's axe? I find this oversight a huge disapointment. Not that I need one myself, but almost everyone else here at the THouse is using some poor approximation of a real wedge driving, bark removing, stub bumping short handled heavy headed axe. Aside from me and Stumper, they all need one :).

Really though, kidding aside, why not carry the standard PNW version of this tool...5 lb. head, 26 inch handle. Must be a reason...

Here's what I'm talking about, from one of your competitors.
You seem to contradict yourself as to your needing one or knot. :shifty:

My 4lb thumper:

When the going gets tough I break out the maul with an 8lb head or a throwline and a rope.
Already got one. But they are readily available around here.
Why the short handle Burnham? Here is what I use sometimes, I also have a small 8lb. sledge hammer. I have 2 of these axes in my truck and they are used for cutting roots more often than anything.


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I like the short handle because as you're standing right at the cut, and need to drive a wedge or peel some bark, you 1) often do it one handed and 2) the short handle allows you work close to the tree with both hands on the handle, vice the big long handle getting in the way of your swing.

And a shorter handle is easier to drag through brush.

Don't forget to paint the head orange!
Is there any reason to paint the head orange other than the tool is less likely to be left at the job site?
He means for the bush so you can find it again if you drop it or set it down. You need just the right size of axe for woods work. Big enough to effectively drive wedges and small enough to get around with still.
I bet that would work. Pink too, but who'd be caught dead with a pink headed ax?!?!
I have a heck of assortment of steel heads and wood handles. Some heavy, some light, some short and some long.

In the woods around my parts blue shows up the best. Early years I use orange and floresent but it blends with the dead needles and leaves.
I'm very happy with my Estwing axe with 26" handle, be careful not to bury it in your shin, the short handle makes it not hard to do. I also bring a 6 lb maul to all jobs.


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The Estwing is way too light for real wedge driving, Jonny. And a maul is just wrong, you need a cutting edge for parts of the task.

But I've said all that guys just go right on, using inferior tools and looking like you have no idea how to properly fall trees :D.

I'm not sure why I should expect anything reality, the type of felling I have to do and what is required of the majority of y'alls arbo jobs are quite different.

So go on, ignore me, it's understandable :cry:.

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How about my single bit axe Burnham. Does it get a thumbs down also?

That head looks about right to me, Steve. I vote for a 5 pounder, though I have seen people get by with a 3 1/2...yours looks to be in that range. Like Jeff said, a shorter handle works best out in the brush, but for your work I'm sure that will do the job just fine.

For using an axe to actually chop wood, I want a full length handle, too. It's only for my felling axe that I insist on a shorter handle. So the axe that goes with me to do trail clearing in mandated federal wilderness (where a power saw is prohibited) will have a full length handle.

Choose the right tool for each task :).