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OK, so I'm in the market for some new boots. I've always worn Redwings. Usually eight inch, with a steel toe and shank. But, not the logger style because I'm not sure how my terribly flat feet would fare in such a heel.

I've been looking at Carolina loggers as they are Gore-tex lined (waterproof is really important for me) and are far more affordable than redwings. Anyone have any experiences with Carolinas to share (Good or bad)?

I don't know about you guys but regardless of what kind of boots I get, I always seem to tear them up in a year and $200+ for Red Wings is kiling me.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Carolinas are cheap boots, IMO. Stick with Red Wings, or step up to Wescos or White.

I spent years wearing Wescos, but nowadays I wear the cheap Commando model WalMart sells for about $50. And yes they hold spurs securely. As long as they keep selling that boot, I'll never pay the big bucks for heavy, clunky, logger type boots.


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coffee mate and metamucil......that your morning beverage MB?:lol:

jus kiddin.............:D

I've learned my lesson on wallyworld shoes and my son has too. I liked one shoe they carried and he had a sneaker-shoe they had that worked good for roofing. They quit carrying both. Both of us have decided if we find a shoe we like we are going to buy 2 or 3 pairs!
There's a store in the mall 5 miles away from me with redwing loggers for 50 bucks. Steel toe loggers for 60. Haven't been there in about a month, but I'll bet they still got em. They didn't have any gortex or insulated ones.
This weekend I'll try to find out if they got a way for you to order from them.
The Summit Park Mall, in the Town of Wheatfield, don't know the name of the store, but it's near the Bon-Ton.
Where you at man? Do I know you?
Sure, Dave from ABC tree service, had the 16" high boots and always tucked his pants into them :). That was very sad, rest his soul.
The first tree service I ever worked for was in Wilson, Mohawk Tree Service.
I live in Wheatfield.
Hope everybody is using mink oil on their leather boots - last twice as long that way.

I'm in search of the do it all boot, currently its Columbia hiking for pruning and something with a big heal / stiff shank for gaffs. If I can find a hiking boot with a stiff shank I may have done it. Maybes MB's commandos are that way.

Perhaps thats why there is all the hype about Asolos?? Cause my columbias have way more aggresive tread than Asolos.
Asolo's have a increadibly stiff sole from the arch back. The toes can flex somewhat under normal loads.

Not sure if these pics will convey any meaning, but here they are.

The boot without any weight on it:

100lbs pushing straight down the length of the boot. The arch "rose" slightly under the weight.


20lbs would can move the toe area a decent amount, but after roughly 40lbs they have flexed back to the arch area and they don't move much more. Here's 40lbs of pressure trying to roll the toes back:

And here's the tread presently. I bought them in Atlanta with Gary before we went down to Andersonville, I'm guessing that was in April. I probably wear these more than my Birkenstocks and my sneakers/tennis shoes combined.

My size 13's (14 in most US measurements) weigh 2.2lbs a peice.
CArl, you where them with hooks much, not alot of heel there?
When I need to.

Never had a problem, the arch where the shank rests is about 1/2" higher then the heel.