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Mar 6, 2005
A buddy of mine gave me his bluetooth headset and we can't figure out how to get it operating. The owners manual doesn't say squat as well as my owners manual for my new digital phone. I enabled the Bluetooth function on my phone and charged up the headset, but nada.

Anybody have one of these boogers? :what:
You will have to put the headset in "find mode" and the handset in "search mode".
If it's a Motorola headset, push and hold the big button after it's on until the light stays on solid. Then have the phone search for bluetooth devices. It will give you a list of what it finds, select the headset. Again, if it's Motorola you will have to enter a passcode it is "0000" on Motos, not sure on the others.
Clear as mudd?
yup. have to find a way to 'pair' them up. one seeks while the other sends, then usually a very basic password needs to be entered. Mine shuts off after a spell and just needs to be clicked to rejoin the phone. If either get actually turned off then you usually have to re pair them.
and the most obvious, make sure the bluetooth is turned on on your phone, mine is default to off to save power or something.

oh, also during the initial pairing you need to set the devce to the trusted or known devices on your phone, that makes the subsequent pairings much faster.

Personally I used mine 3 times and didnt bother again.
butch. as sawinredneck told ya. also, go to your cell phone provider, theyll hook it for ya----and, i wouldnt be without mine. sooo many times ive had things in my hands, or filling the saw, and off goes the phone. it answers in 2 seconds. the only bad thing, it takes all calls!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah, I guess I'm gonna have to take it in to the Centennial office.
Both units need to be in "pairing" mode, to sync intially. Then after they've been paired they should self discover each other when turned on.

The "pairing" password for my phone is 0000. The bluetooth SHOULD have pairing instructions.
on mine I have to push and hold the on button on the earpiece for like 5 seconds and it starts flashing madly, indicating it is in search mode for pairing.
Then I go to the phone and it has a selection under setup or settings to also search. get them going at the same time and they should discover one another. I think my code is 1234 for the security thing.
Butch, what model Plantronics? It'll wee tiny lettering.

BlueTooth rawks.

Then after they've been paired they should self discover each other when turned on.

Sounds like a good marriage, to me. ;) :LOL:
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It got me farther, but it seems like it's just the first part of the instructions;

Begin with the Plantronics 320 headset turned off. Press and hold down the silver call control button in for 6-10 seconds. The light will flash blue first. Continue to hold the button down then release the button when the indicator light starts flashing red then blue.

What about the phone, and the security BS? I have it set for no code, as best as I can tell.
no luck yet then Boss? whats yer phone model and such, I will look at the online user manual and see if I can cypher a quick route for you.

Unless you have exhausted that option.
can you get the phone ready to search or actively searching? then do the hold the button trick on the headset and they should co-operate
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can you get the phone ready to search or actively searching? then do the hold the button trick on the headset and they should co-operate

Yeah, I've got it to that point, the phone picks up on the 320, but it still ain't working.
:( sorry boss, its grabbing my location as canada from somewhere in the computer and that model isnt up here, I cant seem to help you, or get to get to the US version of the site to search there...
off to the dude that sold you the phone then, I betcha they get it working in seconds! :)
I hate those things, run it through the nearest chipper before it drives you or the person that is trying to make out what your saying crazy.

Unless it is the same make as the phone they suck IMHO.
I beg to differ! I have had GREAT luck with the Motarola versins that use the AAA batteries! Great run time and when it dies just swap out the battery and you are good to go again.
I had the old plantronics and the talk time sucked, then you had to wait for it to charge, and it was staticy. I was doing internet sale at the time I got into this and on the phone a LOT!!! Never had any complaints about the Moto, but lots with the plantonics.
i have plantronics with a motorola and it works well. more talk time on my ear piece than my phone now