Bi Lateral Gaff Outs today ...


Jul 1, 2008
southern Vermont
Climbing a Soft Maple today happened three times , tree was 22" dbh probably 80' h tops , so not a monster. Had that peculiar spiral scarring we always associate with Lightning Strike from many years back resulting in about a third of the butt showing nothing but dead punk though the top looked pretty healthy considering. All I had to do was climb to about 40' and set the heavy pull line (then run the Tirfor while my buddy made the falling cuts) ... started up avoiding the scar and at six or seven feet double gaff out , unexpected but no big deal. Two more times higher and I was wondering are my spikes dull ? Used them two days back oddly enough in the same species with no problems ... hmmmm. Had two more smaller Trees to climb and remove tops and limbs next , which went fine and Spike penetration was completely normal.
So , ipso facto they're not dull. The Maple was in such decline that the outside layer was the problem is my only guess
I’ve had them where the bark is still hard and sound looking but kept kicking out on the bark sheets.
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Plenty good limbs to set a line in if Bark Slip was going to screw me ...didn't look like I had to