Best Mops??

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Just for the heck of it I started this thread because my wife and I argue about Mops when its time to clean. I like the old cotton string mops but she WILL NOT let me use it and so I use her sponge mop. Which one do ya'll prefer?
Cotton mops are only good if you have a bucket and squeege to go with it. Without that, sponge mops are superior.

My God this is an awesome thread.
huh, ive seen women ride those around here, always wondered what they were.

my wife uses swiffers to sweep and mop. i do such a lousy job she woul never ask me to do it;) on the other hand she usually sets trash on the front porch as a hint for me to haul it out:D
Ho, Willy look at the swiffer again bro. It has anti-freeze in it...
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Hey, that's family life what can I say
i dont mop the floors so i dont tell her what to use. i read somewhere that pets have died from licking the floor afterwards but she likes it:shrug:
I clean the floors with an orbital sander with a scotch brite stuck to it. Makes the grout sparkly!!
Indoors I take a sponge over a cotton mop, but the Swifter is KING inside!!
In the garage I like a cotton mop, seems to take abues better and will clean up oil a lot better.

Not that I knw anything about these things:/:
I use the swiffer. We get a TON of dust here because we live right next to a busy street. I can swiffer, then swiffer again 4 hours later and it'll be dirty!
Ho, Willy look at the swiffer again bro. It has anti-freeze in it...

I saw this on the prime time news one evening. If you have pets, dont use the stuff.
Every other week a woman comes and cleans our house and mops our floor for $55. I am not certain we own a mop. I used to be a janitor a long time ago and for large floors you can't beat the old fashioned rag mops. Like Butch says, without a bucket and a ringer, they are a pain.
The last time I mopped a floor I was 20 years old and doing court ordered community service at the Alano club. 34 years ago.