BB 200 + clutch prob.


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Aug 5, 2005
The other day out of the blue my clutch all of a sudden became really hard to engage .
I can still engage it but only with full shoulder pressure.
I took off the plate and i see nothing that looks funny no metal nothing.
It smells like burnt wire not burnt clutch .
Im runnning it at the moment but wondering what to do next.
Its a twin disc clutch powered by a 115 hp perkins diesel.
It is supposed to be hard to engage but there is a major difference now.
If i run it in idle and engage then at the same time i increase RPM to 2000 . At this point i have PRESSURE ON IT the whole system is ready to chip everything is spinning fast.
I can then gently push forward and it engages easy.
Any ideas?
Loosen the clutch and see what happens. Do you know how to adjust the clutch?

Look at the inspection plate, it should have directions on it. Pull that plate off and snoop around in there with a flashlight and check it out carefully.
Thats the first step
Something happened in there to change things and that's never good. From my experience with those clutches you had just as well get it fixed because it will just end up going out on the job and leave you hanging and possibly ruin more stuff in there.
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I spoke with one fellow who said he thinks its just wearing out and needs a new one.
He quoted me the BB book calls for 4 or 5 hours labor said hed replace it for me .
Wanted 45 an hour plus the parts.
Im still running it and its chipping well but i have a back up fer next week.
It is more a hassle to replace than especially difficult or technically challanging.
If you can replace a clutch on a truck, you can do this yourself easily
If a competent mechanic is willing to wrench on it for $45 per hour, why would you do it yourself? That one sounds like a no-brainer. :|:
I agree with Brian, I do that stuff myself mostly to minimize downtime rather than waiting aweek for the mchanic to spend his 4 hours on it, In a case wher you can schedule it and get it in and out in a the man to do HIS thing while you do yours.
Your guys' time is worth a lot more than a mechanic's time. What's a decent day in gross income for your outfit?
If a competent mechanic is willing to wrench on it for $45 per hour, why would you do it yourself? That one sounds like a no-brainer. :|:

Mechanics here are up to 75-100 per hour. But I agree with you especially when I am buried in grease, stripped the skin off of several knuckles, and am late for dinner. THEN I question myself.

I guess being a do it yourselfer, is largely habit, not good business sense.