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gf beranek

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Apr 18, 2007
God's country, North Coast
This is the continuing story of the Montgomery woods fire and one particular tree in the grove that crashed and burned.

The first picture is of the tree shorty after the burn. The big trunk in the back ground. The fire burned internally through rot pockets and seams in the trunk, and the tree began slowly self destructing. Most of the limbs fell off and burned and then the trunk started breaking up. That one big chunk I'm standing by.

Second Pic. When the top snapped out, from over 300 feet, it took a dive and speared the ground at about a 45 degree angle, in a fraction of a second, broke several times. Each section sticking into the ground at the same angle of approach. Planted solid.

Third Pic. One week later the final collapse of the trunk. Viewed from the top in the ground. Over 200 feet of mass splintered and laying over the debris of earlier photo 1.

Forth Pic. Same time, viewed for the same angle as pic one.

Fifth Pic. horizontal angle.

It took a month and a half for this tree to finally come to rest. Wish I could have been there to watch the action. from a long ways away.


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very cool jerry, tree death investigator:) that sure would be something to see!
Gerry, I believe it! :)

just wanted to throw that metaphor out there, must have been some force to drive them in like that, thats for sure.
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They do look like they were stuck in the mud.

I'm going to continue these posts of the Montgomery Woods fire with before and after shots that I tooks years ago.

I never realized the potential of some of the old pictures until the fire happened.

TDI Forensic evidence at the scene.
Wow, those are cool pics Mr B.!

That's gotta be the biggest match stick I've ever seen. lol
Wierd to think that tree was probably alive back when the Romans were still watching lions eat Christians for fun.
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And to think, before the fire it was a perfect green standing tree. Just a spark got into a pocket of rot and 6 weeks later it's history.

Good to see you back aboard, Butch!