Sep 2, 2006
Here is another auction to benefit the TreeHouse. Its a set of footplates for Buckingham spurs. I used em a couple of times....didn't like em.;multi_item_submit
heres a pic at sherrill, Lets start bidding at 25 bucks, I pay shipping. Auction ends Monday 8am EST.

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Item: 15073
Description: Footplates/by Buckingham
Climber Foot Plates make wearing spikes a little more comfortable. Long hours spent in the tree become a little more bearable with our Foot Plates made by Buckingham. These screw easily onto Buckingham climbers. (Do not fit other climbers).
Unit of Measure: EACH
Quantity Available: In Stock
Order Quantity:

Item Pricing:
From Quantity To Quantity Unit Price

1 Or Greater 88.00
Where did everyone go??

I have Bashlins that I have not stepped foot into in years.
I tried them, but like you, didn't like them. Very nice of you though.

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doh....should I pull this auction then?.................
Bashlin here too, practically new! otherwise you may have triggered my OCGD.. thanks for offering stuff up !
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I got a lead balloon for auction too:lol:
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yep...jus can't post em right now:/: eh....
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heck it may end up as a fricken raffle.....what should the ticket price be?:what:
They'll also fit Kleins, although with just a tad of slop. At a regular price of $85.00, this is quite a good deal. Makes me wish I hadn't already bought a pair. I use mine on nearly every big removal I do now. They defintely take the ache out of standing on my spurs for 6+ hours.
I wonder why they won't fit on Bashlins?
I would use them so I'll start the bidding at $25.00! Been thinking about getting a set for a while, now I have an excuse!

Thanks for the auction No_Bivy,

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cool video, John....sets the tone. I remember hearing auctioneers at the tobacco market in Hahira when we sold the tobacco we had cropped, cured and croaker-sacked's a great sound.

OK, end of derail.
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is this thread dead?.........................................:roll: