Thor's Hammer

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May 5, 2005
Land of Dragons
I've been a bit short of Bones lately, (setting up my new business has drained me dry:whine: )so I thought I'd auction something cool for the unofficial Butch and Jerry fund. Anyhow, I did'nt have anything cool, so I put my thinking cap on.

Whilst perusing Jerry's big tree thread, I noticed again Jerry's MacT hardhat. I remember seeing it in the 150' up poster years ago, and I always wanted one, so I had a hardhat company make me up some.
This hat is a replica, fully BS certified.

So come on! start bidding! if Jerry wears one it must be cool!

I'll draw out of said hat next saturday, and post free anyplace in the world.

as a bit of added kudos, the table its sat on is sequoia, a 130" redwood I dismantled 12 years ago.