Auction - 24 Strand Tachyon Lanyard

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Since I'm the lucky winner of the bigshot trigger thingy I feel compelled to give something back so here's the deal...

This is a Treehouse benefit auction for a custom, made to order lanyard with the following specs:

- 24 strand Tachyon line in your choice of Orange/Blue or Green Blue
- 8mm HRC or Beeline (your choice) adjuster with trigger snap slack tender and grey Petzl Am'd ball lock biner
- Hand spliced on one end with CTI snap or grey Petzl Am'd ball lock biner
- You specify the length between 6' and 15'

I don't have pictures of a whole lanyard but here are detail shots of mine with the CTI snap and an HRC adjuster...



All materials are new, unfinished cost is between $50 and $60. This will be a nice lanyard. I've made a few so far as gifts and nobody's given one back yet. :D

I'll make the lanyard to the winner's specs so it may take a week before I can ship it. I'll cover the shipping in the US or Canada... assuming canook mail isn't stupidly high. :what:

Proceeds should be paid directly to the Treehouse Financial Services Department.

Bidding opens now and closes Sunday the 20th at midnight.

REVISED: Bidding now closes on Monday the 21st at midnight.

Did I do that right? Never did an auction before. :?
I have a number in mind but I don't want to kill off the action early. :P

$61, just to keep Squishey from winning. :lol:

When I win, can I mail you an aluminum locking snap to use in the lanyard?
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When I win, can I mail you an aluminum locking snap to use in the lanyard?

Sure thing. I can add a plastic grommet to the eye splice if I get'em in time.

Thanks for getting it started Squisher.
Heh Brian cease and desist or you know that fella that you were tapping your foot at in the highway reststop? I'm gonna find him and give him your home address.:P
Sweet auction, Blinky. I'm trying to save money right now though. Where do you get that snap? It looks really nice.
Late Sunday night :cry:. I gots no skills to make myself something like this so I'll be bidding high before I go.:D
A billion dollars errr...I mean $100US dollars!


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Holy sheepshit guys! It's a LANYARD!

I don't know if I can live up to this.