At Last!

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Banned by Squirrels



This thing is making landfall in my back yard...
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Nooo,,, S.C.
I was trying to portray a positive outlook.

I'm wishing for a peaceful weekend at home with my wife:D The reality is I'll probably be out in a driving rainstorm taking trees and assorted tree parts off of cars and houses! (I HATE overtime:whine:)
All the wimens best be looking out after theyselves because her comes Ike.
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Yeah, I don't really want to experience the full force of Ike. A Cat. 1-11-or maybe a 111 would be cool but more than that and it'll be like Burnham said...
HEAD south we are in a drought here - so it will miss us for sure

dead woods been pruned
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Biggest shock was the coin. S.C. is still in the 20th century as far as prices...

Hanna missed me, for the most part. Go get 'em N.C.