Ascending the Giants

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Yup, which is probably why most of the expeditions are in the PNW.
this is about the biggest tree i've ever seen. not as big as you boys have but big for sunny scotland, you can just make out someones head at the bottom left of the stem



edit: and trees do grow sideways like that here, it makes climbing them one long limb walk
Some trees shouldn't be climbed. If that truly was the largest tanoak, a tree species that has been decimated by Sudden Oak Death, why risk infecting it by climbing it?
I met those guys at at party in Portland after the June TCC.....great guys...a couple of them are experienced works for General Tree. He's Brian, I'd actually met him earlier at the Tacoma TCC...He had his Tree Boat in a cool native American Hornbeam....
soap and water? jus wondering. I sanitize pruning gear with 90% rub-alc.