Another Crane Collapes

I saw that earlier. The article I read said that there is no state regulation of tower cranes. Hard to believe.
"The accident came 10 days after a 20-story crane collapsed at a New York construction site, killing seven people. Since then, New York City officials have told contractors that they can't raise or lower large cranes at construction sites unless a buildings inspector is there."

That will help-I'm sure a buildings inspector could catch a falling crane and save everyone.:|:
Yeah. What the hell is a building inspector going to know about assembling and operating a crane? More beaurocracy has to be the answer, right? It's funny all tall buildings use one of those cranes in construction and before these 2 failures when is the last accident you remember? Maybe an agency like "Homeland Security" should be put in charge!!

this cost a few bucks

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The guy that I do crane work with disconnected the computer on his 26 ton, says he knows better than the device regarding what he can or can't do. Long experience, I believe him, but now we can't get an exact weight on what we have cut and lifted. That was fun to know. Sorry for those guys who payed such a high price for somebody's negligence.
Carl, yeah. With the computer hooked up, if he gets the boom extended at a specific length and given angle, after a certain weight it shuts down, apparently. He has some charts that he utilizes as well. The guy is a real good thinker.