3/8 Technora with poly cover bridge


Aug 10, 2008
Northwest Coast of New England
Hey all,

I want to make a bridge for my sequoia. I just don't like the flat webbing bridge.

Anyhow, I've got some 3/8 technora with a polyester cover but I'm not sure where to begin with that.
Basically I assume it will be a naked eye so I'd want to do a brummel but how do I deal with the cover?

I'd like to keep the cover for abrasion protection.

Any suggestions?
Nice to see you hanging around at the TreeHouse Rick. You coming down this year?

I've done several of these, usually with vectran but I've also used the 3/8" technora.

You can either do the brummels with the cover scrunched up or take it off and put it back on after the splices are stitched. I take the cover off because it's easier to do locking brummels on both ends that way.

When I put it back on I stretch and smooth it so both naked eyes are at least partially covered with sheath. Then I do a yale whiplock on each end right next to the eyes and cut the excess sheath off. I use whip-it dip-it to coat the eyes but if it's already coated you might not have to bother.

Right now my bridge is 3/8" technora with velocity sheath. It's slides real nice like.

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Haven't given travel much thought lately...kinda hard to remember my job is to drain the swamp while I'm up to my neck in alligators....

I'll be seeing what we can do this winter. Would love to get down and climb with you again. Missed last year due to a lot of last minute misc life & family issues.

I'll be chewing on plans in a couple of weeks.

Who knows, maybe I'll be headed to Hurricane land shortly!
The bridge Blinky shows is great. The idea of using climbing line cover as the cover for the bridge is great for resistance to abrasion. I've tried some technora and vectran only bridges and they get tattered VERY fast.

But yeah- locking brummel on both eyes, overlap the tails inside for even diameter, then cover with whatever you have and whip it down.