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Jun 30, 2008
Near Yosemite in CA USA
Well ya'll, I have a 200t that supposably tested good compression and has had a carb rebuild etc.
Ran then puttered out. No power and cant cut and stalls over head. Soon as it warms up.. It dies.
I am willing to send this saw to some one that thinks they can fix it and maybe even make it a screamer. Pay them too. Then I can rub it in the faces of the Stihl shops locally and ask why they did not think of that and why it has cost me 250.00 thus far to not get it right.
If you guys know who or can be who to get the job done... let me know.


P.S. This was my womans saw, and I was using it in trees when it started giving me issues. She really wants her saw back .. LMAO
Sounds like an air leak somewhere. But I'm wondering why you would pay $250 if they didn't fix it? :?
Carb rebuild, you say? I've heard mention on the forums that Stihl had a problem with some of the carbs on the 200T a couple years ago. Stihl never admitted it, but some of the carbs have (or develop) an internal crack in the carb resulting in sporadic lean running. I've had exactly zero luck rebuilding carbs on these saws. Before you spend a bunch of money shipping the saw out to somebody, try just buying a new carb. They should be about $75 from the dealer and it's about a 5 minute deal to swap it out. I've had two or three 200Ts with carb problems and unsuccessful carb rebuilds that ran perfectly after getting a new carb.
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Three different shops ... 4 trips... gas line tested no leaks. might be one now that its been in storage for a year. And I have to pay for the work no matter. Including the 1 hour fee for just lookin at it then the parts if I ok it. some labor was waved. They are really sumptin up here. Captive audience I guess. Nearest next dealer is 1 hour away. that makes gas a thing as it would require two round trips at 1 hour.
I should just buy another one. But I really want to see if some one can fix it then go make a stink!!! Know what I mean??
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I was thinking I would just buy the other carb as I have read that fact in the tree house from you guys. You all know your saws really well and a lot of you do your own work. Why I am putting it out there. Also I am thinkin ignition module... Now here's my problem. I am not in good credit with time. I have none. And I have a point to prove to the "trained techs" in two towns. Sooooo why I am putting this out there.
I want to send the saw to someone and have them analyze the saw and fix it if possible. Just to prove a point.. Guess I am just that way.
But I would love to go to the techs, and say, this guy fixed this saw in his garage no problem and did not go to your school..... You could not.. HAHA
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Nuther point is, the dealer has been replacing my carbs on other stihl products, and guess what, a one year old carb failed (2nd one) yesterday. thats two this year and counting.
There's not much to go wrong on them. If you want to spend the money to ship it to me, I'll see if I can make it run. I even have a parts saw I can cannibalize in case your ignition module theory is correct, but I suspect it will simply be a carb replacement.

As a side note, I'm NOT in the saw repair business nor do I wish to be. But I happen to have three running 200Ts plus a parts donor so in this particular case it sounds like easy money. Plus if he doesn't pay me I get a free saw! :P
Let me see if I can find a picture of the carb which was shipped to me from Australia .

This thing had a crack in the diaphragm chamber .When it warmed up this caused untold amounts of problems .No body in Oz could find it .Took me about 5 minutes to nail it down . As they say though even a blind squirrell finds a nut now and again .

Lakeside Andy ,on a site I don't go to anymore and who is a certified Stihl Tech says they have had a bunch of problems with 200T Zama carbs .
One of the reasons I moved on from Sthil saws...was the constant replacement of the fuel line (including filter) from the resevoir to the carb...the grade of rubber tends to break down with age and exposure to what? Fuel!
fuel lines aren't an issue unless you're using gas with ethanol. Now that ethanol is becoming more prevelant, these problems are also increasing. I find that running premium gas gets me fuel with less (or no) ethanol and I don't have the fuel related issues that plague so many.

Never replaced an in-tank fuel filter on a Stihl yet, never needed to. ;)
Oh Oh is the stage being set for the mighty Al Smith to step up to the plate and solve another 200T running running with his magnifying glass. If you sent it to me you wouldn't get it back. I need some 200's for parts.

Seriously though, this sounds like like a fuel delivery problem.Take Brian's advice. If your saw has one of those crappy Zama carbs. It is just best to replace it.

I have gone rounds with these Zama carbs before on other Sthil equipment but not on a 200. Most recent is my 101 HT. I couldn't make that thing run right. Even after adjusting the valves , new ignition module and a carb job. Took it to a dealer and they can't get it to run right either. This was six weeks ago and we are still waiting for a new Zama carb because that is the only carb that machine uses. No Walbro switcheroos on this one.

Just a bit of news. I don't know how true this is but this same Sthil dealer told me this.

Sthil has bought out Zama to better over see quality control at the plant in China which turns out these crappy carbs. Zama also makes carbs that come from Japan. They might be the older ones I don't know. The Japan carbs I have had good luck with them. But any Zama I have had trouble with has China stamped into the body. I wouldn't think they would be two different divisions one in china and another in Japan.
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Yes I live in a methanol environment... altitude and calif thing I guess. LOL
And Sqwerl, yes if nothing else it will make another good parts saw.. bar and all. But like I said, I really do want it fixed. You can Pm me with your info or email me with it and we'll give it a go. And no... You will not be made my mechanic.. LOL
Hahahahaha! I got me a free saw!!! :laughing3:

Seriously though, if you're having any fuel issues at all then switch to premium gas for your mix fuel. The cost difference will be about one dollar per 5 gallons of mix. Those Stihl gas caps that swell up and won't fit right after exposure to ethanol cost $14 each, so the premium fuel will be a lot cheaper than ethanol-related repairs.
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Is he salivating???? LOL
Come on ... ya know I want it back... unlesssssss it is beyond (truthfully) fixing..
The Mrs. wants her saw running again... and heck so do I.
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Stephen, have you removed the screen baffle out of the muffler yet? They clog up and will cause the symptoms you describe. Look at the muffler outlet and remove the hex screw there near the bottom right. It's holding down a little tab that you can grab using needlenose pliers or a small screwdriver. Pull that baffle out and throw it away. Then start the saw and see how it runs.
I'll take those pics this afternoon .I'm on my way to my shop now to get Tom's damned chip truck done and out of my way ,geeze .

I've never done it but they tell me that installing an older 20t carb on a 200 usually fixes the problem .

Thinking out loud I wonder if this dinky Walbros from a Huskie could be retrofitted without much problem ? I'll check it out when I get a chance .I've got a 200T plus two of those 335 Huskies in the pile .
Stihl now owns Zama so hopefully these problems will be resolved with some German engineering!
Stihl now owns Zama so hopefully these problems will be resolved with some German engineering!

So it is true. I have faith in German engineering also.

The question that comes to my mind is that Sthil has always used other carb manufactures products to put on their engines like Tilly and Walbro and presently Zama. The same goes for other manufactures of engines.

Does Sthil have the expertise in the manufacture of carburators to make them better??? They could make them worse.

Just thinking out loud is all. I am sure they will do good.
Al don't get it, send it my way and I guarantee I can fix it... Not joking.

200's are simple.