2007 Teupen Spider Lift Model Leo 23 GT

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2007 Teupen Spider Lift Model Leo 23 GT

• 207 hours and in mint condition- stored indoors.
• 75 ft vertical height reach and 36 ft horizontal reach.
• Four coat high quality paint process.
• 110 Volt double socket on platform.
• Power cables and hydrolic hoses for platform controls installed inside booms for maximum protection.
• Telescopic and articulating lower and upper boom feature gives extraordinary lift versatility and maneuverability.
• Power via Kubota diesel Z-482 engine.
• Lift can be set up and driven from the basket.
• Sensitive electric-hydraulic chassis remote controls give precise movement control in tight places.
• Self-leveling platform
• Boom rotation via high performance slew ring with planetary gears and hydrostatic motor.
• Full hydraulic operated outriggers via four hydraulic horizontal and vertically moving legs giving tension free erection on uneven ground or pressure sensitive floors.
• Manual height and width adjustable track chassis. Each track individually adjustable.
• Variable outrigger system: full deployment or one-side narrow or both side narrow settings for setting up in difficult and confined spaces.
• Protection package

This unit is in new condition with 207 hours, and has been kept indoors.

The lift is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The asking price is $124,750.00.

For more information contact tmk@jrcda.com

But why so expensive? Seems to me smaller unit, no truck chassis, small engine should equal less cost???
Takes some figuring to get something that can reach 75' vertically or 36' to the side to stuff down into a 38" wide chassis and still be safe.

Much less being able to set up on some wicked inclines.
maybe the 3 of us could buy it and share! darin gets it jan-april, i get it may- oct and justin gets it the entire rest of the year:/:
You would want the hydraulic adjustable track height and width....It is somthing that gets used every time we use the lift. The 23GT will do everything a 75ft truck mounted lift will do, and many many things you can't do with a truck mounted lift. One exception is the 23Gt will not drive down the road. Each type of lift has it's good and bad points. But I'll tell you this I would get rid of the bucket trucks before I would get rid of my 23GT....:D
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Spider lift is sold and will have a new home in NC. I was told I sold it too cheap. A new one is going for $170,000.00, and this unit is in absolute new condition with 207 hours on it. The lift is made in Germany and is high quality.

Thank you for welcoming me to your website/forum. Unfortunatly I do not have much time during the season to do website stuff. I did attach a file that may give you an idea of some accomplishments. I hope to spend more time here as you guys seem to be friendly :).

welcome! congrats on the sale! i may be blowing through your town in a couple weeks, if so ill honk:D
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welcome! congrats on the sale! i may be blowing through your town in a couple weeks, if so ill honk:D

Nice website. If you are coming through, fell free to give me a call. I would be happy to show you around and share ideas. I will be out of town on a wild Alaskan fishing trip with my 17 year old son from this Friday through Aug. 2nd.