1987 Chevy C60 w/ ALC 45 boom


Aug 10, 2008
Northwest Coast of New England
I've got this up for auction on Ebay:

Thats not an Aerial Lift of Con. boom.

Its a Skyworker.
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Negative there ghost rider, That is in fact an ALC it has the ALC plate, SN and model number. I even have some of the orginal ALC documentation some where.

Look at the Stinger, its the older cabled stinger. Classic ALC!

BTW Jonseredbred,

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Yup, that's an AL of CT alright. My first bucket was nearly identical. I hated having that stinger sticking out the back. :X
AL45-1A XX9-11-81

I know my tools man, don't doubt me!

I didn't doubt you, your lift is obviously older than the truck and its an oddball piece. The lifts were still called Skyworkers in '80 so your lift is gotta be the end of the Skyworker brand line or the very beginning of the ALC's.

It has the steel upper and lower knucles that was the fix to the bad aluminum ones back in the Skyworker days.

Does the tag say Aerial Lift Repair or Aerial Lift of Con.?? High pressure upper controls or low pressure???

The stinger is more of a tell tale ID to the Skyworker brand than it is to a ALC


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Heres the steel knuckle upgrade that was done to this boom in '78

Interesting note, my father bought this truck new in 1968 and I stumbled across it and bought it and had it hauled it up here. Don't know what I will ever do with it but I had to have it.


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It's an 81, definitely Aerial Lift of CT.

I've seen what may have been the older "skyworkers." Weren't they were the ones with the cylinder and cable rotation that could only go 359 degrees rotation?

The upper booms seem all look the same with that flared end. The lower booms also seem to be different among the older ones.
There are some similarities between the two companies, but I don't think they were ever related. ALC was founded in 1958.
Brett, ALC started as Aerial Lift Repair. They manufactured, sold and serviced the Skyworker brand with a partner company, Aerial Lift of Ohio

Due to some legal issues and some fallout with knuckle failures on the Skyworker they split and Aerial Lift Repair became ALC and changed the knuckle sytem to what is now currently in use on the ALC's
$3200.00 and 2 hrs left. Someone might get a good deal on this..........
I had a '70 Skyworker. Interestingly, ALC sold spare parts for it, too.

Mine had the cable turn, but it was more like 400 degrees; you couldn't go continuously. Low pressure at the bucket.

It's in the pics section of my website.