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    Silky blades, misc for sale

    Ive got some Silky handsaw blades for sale. All are new in the package. All items will ship via usps and shipping is not included in the prices below. Retaiil prices were taken from sherrill's website and rounded up 5 cents for ease. 3 Zubats (330mm) - $30 Ea (retail $45) SOLD OUT! 3...
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    huge tree to fell, anyone ever jacked a tree over?

    Finally knocked the bad boy over today. Its been a multi day process due to all the other crap involved in the job + the 100+ temp days. Original tree Decided to top out the tree due to the dead top and lean toward the road. First limb on the tree was over 28" dbh Finishing...
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    Wood Turning

    Here are some recent turnings ive done. The first two pics are the same bowl made from an apple tree that came from a friends back yard. This is a baby rattle w/ captive ring made from some maple: And this is from a scotch pine that died from pine wilt.
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    huge tree to fell, anyone ever jacked a tree over?

    Additional info: tree is mostly dead except for a couple large low leads on opposing sides. It appears to have been hit by lightning. We are taking a week off the project to get some local work done, then back at it. Thanks for all the imput but I think im going to skip the jack idea and put...
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    huge tree to fell, anyone ever jacked a tree over?

    Ive got a huge (at least for this area) 80" dbh cottonwood to take down in the next couple weeks. I can delimb the tree but for the trunk im looking for some info. Anyone here ever used a jack to lift the tree over? Im wondering if simple wedges will be enuf or should I go bigger. Thanks for...
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    Ascenders w/ handle

    A few years ago I made my version of a marbar system. I never use it and would like to sell it. The handle is made of 1" aluminum machined down for the threads. Its solid stock. The threads go thru the hole in one ascender and the other side screws onto it. Being this locally made, I dont...
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    Wood Turning

    I know there are several on here that have talked/showed wood turning projects - now Im about to start too! Couple days ago I bought my first lathe. Its a delta 46-460 variable speed. It will turn 12x20. Its currently on back order but should be shipping soon. Now im looking for fun stuff...
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    log splitters and hydraulics

    A while back, there was info passed along about the 'false info' of tonage on log splitters - dont remember the thread or participants so heres a dedicated thread. I just bought a '35 ton' splitter - has a 5" ram w/ 26" stroke, 16 gpm pump, 14 sec cycle time. my question is: Can i speed...
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    Hunting 2011

    Got this one late last nite, about 530 our time. Would have been an 8 pt but broke both brow tines. He'd just gotten done doing his 'business' w/ one of the does he was with....I hope it was good! PS: sorry about the blood, it was too dark last nite to take pics so i took them today...
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    Garden time!!

    I started my 09 garden today. planted 3 rows potatoes (2 white kennebec, 1 red pontiac) and yellow and red onions. I think the potatoes ended up being about 37 starts. I was at a local store today and noticed they are already selling tomatoes and peppers:O Its WAY to early for those here...
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    Axe men

    I noticed tonite on History channel that Axe men is coming back for season 2. The previews I caught seem to have different companies. If they are the same, its at least different hands working. Starts on Monday nite (9e/8c). I watched most of last yr. If i remember, Im setting the dvr to...
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    Hey there all you Boy Scout folks, Im starting a council strip patch collection. If you are willing, Im looking to do some trading. How it works: You send me one or more of your council strip patch and I will send you one or more of mine. If you dont want a patch of mine, maybe we can...
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    Im fixing to buy my first pistol and am looking for suggestions and info. Im pretty set on a 9mm. Ive toyed the idea of 40 s&w and also the 45 acp, but after all and all, Im leaning back to the 9mm. The ammo is cheaper and the recoil isnt as bad. I thought of the 40 as a cross between the 9...
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    bucket trucks

    The Mrs gave me the go-ahead to start researching purchase of a bucket truck! Which model of lift do you prefer and why? I am looking at a forestry unit (chip box). Thanks,
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    March Madness Bracket Group

    Hey guys, I made a group up at Yahoo sports for the NCAA Tourney pick-em. Everyone here is invited to join the group. Go to Yahoo sports and find the tourney pickem. The group ID: 129830 Password: treeguys Fill out the bracket acording to who you think will win each game. One more way...