You're about to get Rick Roll'd

I ain't looking, and I suggest no one else does either.

You gotta Ctrl/Alt/Delete to get outta it, or reboot altogether.
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It's not a computer's just a few minutes of pure annoyance, or bliss...depending on your taste in music.


you will sleep better if you don't open it!
'Tis to a computer problem. You can't shut it off! Click to close and it gives you the freakin lyrics! I had to shut the whole system down.
Well, I need to reboot anyway.....

Nick you suck<<<<<Just incase.
If you click the X, and then keep clicking OK on the box that opens it will go away. Just click really fast, it will be gone before that dumby starts singing.

Damn you Nick!

It is kinda like a train wreck. you know that there may be things that you'll wish you had never seen but stilll you must look.
I've spent over 30 hrs trying to quarintien a bloodhound virus, finally got it compartmentalized. No way I'm clicking!
Haha, Rick Astley was the tea boy at Stock Aitken Waterman, somebody bet Peter Waterman he couldent make him a star....
Rick Astley retired happy after 2 multi million selling albums...
It wont stop why Nick why I gess Im more of an ass then Nick

I want to kick ithat guy in the BALLS