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Mar 6, 2005
How many of you use sites like Yahoo, HotMail, Gmail, ect., rather than the email service your ISP provider offers?
I,ve had yahoo since i came online.
Seem to work out fine for my needs.
yup, guilty.
gmail (works for my cell phone email)
hotmail (I have an address, never used it)
bigfoot (dont use it anymore)
hotmail (I think I have one there, dont use it)
my work website I use for work related email (the email is ?? and it forwards to my ISP email addy)

likely 80% of my email is via my isp server.
I have a freebie at MyWay, I use it when I don't want to give out one of my real email addresses. I also use 4 of my 10 allotted email addresses provided by my ISP. I use different emails for different groups of people in my life. One for family, one for online purchases, one for forums, one for banking and related financial stuff.
we have 3 aliases from our ISP, I use one, wife uses one and we have one with both our names in it, like RJS it depends on where the email is headed.
Shoulda thought more about the poll options, Butch.

I use both for different situations
I use the ones that come with my business website.

Although I have a freebie or two, and also have one with my ISP, but dont use them to speak of
I use both. My business account is with my web host provider and my general purpose account is gmail.
I have hotmail and yahoo, but mainly use Gmail.

I don't like having email accounts that end in or and stuff like that...especially when 3 years later, as has been said, you don't even use that company any more as your isp.

Google has a custom email option, and that's where I get my email account. That runs me $10/yr.

i use yahoo till i recently got my website up, im swapping all business stuff that way but still will keep the yahoo
I've had Yahoo since about 1995 or so. I use them for my webhosting, too.
I like using Outlook, and keeping crap in there, so it's ISP for me.
Gmail for friends and family, Hotmail for personal business and forums, Yahoo for junk, and work stuff goes to a company email address. Gmail is far and away the best of the bunch.

I have them all going through an email client called Evolution right now. It's similar to Outlook.
I use my ISP email for yakkin' with family and friends and whatnot... I also have a Yahoo email account. I use it anytime I have to enter my email address when I order something online.

I cuts way down on the spam to my ISP email addy...

isp address, yahoo, and gmail. all for differnet uses. and as one said, cuts down on the spam-----
my new email that comes with my website doesnt have a spam filter :cry: im already getting crap