I'm not familiar with that rope other than it being a static kernmantle-which usually means "non spliceable".
Cool! You got me on that one. I really didn't think it was spliceable. You'd be best off by contacting the manufacturer to get the directions from them. I looked through my Yale resources and I don't see directions for that rope.

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its not sewn its hand spliced. found out the other day, only a couple in the world know how to do it apparantley its been tested at yale. Nick reckon you could find out abot this?? I cant go much further with it.
In actuallity all cordage can be spliced but achieving stong and attractive splices is another matter. One method of splicing kernmantle ropes that has bee around a long time is to unlay the cover and knot the individual core strands in a staggered pattern thennwhip the full length of the splice and capture the covers. That is ugly as sin and there is significant strength loss-but it will pass through standard pulleys and rope devices and work.
Surely this is something better that that.
Jim, have you tried calling Yale directly?

Also- and this is just a side question- what do you want this line spliced for? Are you using it to climb DRT?