Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
Man, is it really you? Where in the world have you been? We missed you, we wondered about where you went, we worried about you and if it is really you, we are so glad to have you back!
Any new projects to share?
Thanks V, and glad to see that Butch is still the consummate host at the Treehouse...

I don't know exactly what happened....things came up, then went on a bit of a walkabout.....people were telling me that I needed to get serious...especially my wife:D ( I at least thought about it)...then one thing lead to another... just got into a different groove for a long spell, but of course was sometimes thinking about you guys, just didn't check in. Hope all is well with ya!

Still in my shop doing woodwork for the most part, but now with the bad economy in these parts, always looking for as much treework as I can come across. Happy to report that I'm a bit more advanced when working at heights now, managed to learn a few things for a change.

Foot getting crushed! Doesn't sound too good. @+*& happens everywhere. Hope you're all betta now!

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Wow, so great to have you back in The House!! The economy stinks over here as well.
Oh yeah, just give me a few minutes to figure out how to post the pics. I think that my brain has shrunk a bit during the long absence. If MB stuck with the weight training, you must be huge by now?
a couple recent creations....they asked me to participate in a exhibit at a museum, that's what I made these chairs for. I even get my name in the newspaper 8)


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If MB stuck with the weight training, you must be huge by now?

Hahahahaha!!! :lol: Yeah he's huge, alright! :lol::lol:

Welcome back, Jay. You may not remember me since I had just transitioned over here from AS about the time you quit posting, but everyone here spoke highly of you and the pictures of your work were simply amazing. Glad you finally made it back. :)
I thought the bees got you. How did your friend make out?

Good to see you back.
Thanks guys, very kind.....good memory OM. Actually, it was a wasp that got me, in particular the "giant asian wasp", the biggest and meanest sucker on the planet. I've killed hundreds of them in retaliation since....a good shot of carb cleaner is the best method that I've found. Not sure which friend that you speak of, OM?

Cobleskill, that wood in the rocker is walnut, but it sure turned out red in the photo for some reason. The white chair is something they call "Sen" over here...not sure if it grows elsewhere. Kind of like a soft elm grainwise.

I can make chairs for skinny butts, just not ones for slippery butts ;)
shoot, you havent been forgotton, we kept wondering where you slipped off to, welcome back!
You guys rock, I really appreciate the welcome! I'm also happy to see that Carl has spruced up his wardrobe since the last time I hung out here. :D
Heh man I do beleive you vanished before my stumbling upon the House but welcome back. Awesome looking chairs!8)