Wolfgang, 1994-2008


Mar 24, 2006
I wanted some company as my wife was heavy into community theater. We found an add in the paper "Husky mix puppies, $35" I called and had to ask and ask and ask what they were mixed with, Mama was half Wolf, half Husky, Dad was 3/4 Wolf and 1/4 Husky. I couldn't get there fast enough!!
He was six weeks old, a beautiful yellow fur ball that I could hold in one hand.
He had to sleep on my chest the first week so he wouldn't whine for his mama.
We got him a yellow teddy bear for company, that was his "buddy", he slept and played fetch with him. I could always ask "Where's you're buddy?" and he would find him.
He loved to go for rides. We would load up and go all over the countryside. If we found an open area we would stop and I would let him run free. He loved being able to run without a fence, always wanted his freedom and never wanted to go home. I learned if I got in the truck and started it he would come barreling to me and dive right over the top of me to get in the truck. He wasn't going to be left behind!!
I could NEVER keep him in the yard!! A six foot privacy fence, 2000#'s of concrete under it and a hotwire. He could still find a way out. He was always too smart for his own good.
We would go for a walk and he could just drag you, he went where he wanted to or he just sat there! BUT, all the little kids wanted to pet the pretty dog. I would tell him to sit and be nice. He would sit down and the kids could do whatever they wanted to to him, he was fine with it. When he was done he would start to whimper and I knew it was time to move on.
He loved running around on the farm, 80 acres by Fredonia. We would go out there and he would run in circles exploring, then come back to make sure I was still there, then run another circle staying a little longer each time.
One time we were out there and he didn't come back. I looked and called for him, I couldn't find him. I finally decided to go back to the truck to put up my rifle and loose some weight to continue my search. I was in tears, even called the wife to tell her. As soon as the truck was in sight, there was Wolfgang, something scared the piss out of him, he was just scratching at the door trying to get in!
He and I used to sit and drink together, he liked a beer, but would fight you for a Jack and Coke!
He always kept an eye on the wife when a stranger was around. He would sit between her and them and would watch them the entire time. Very protective of her.
He'd never listen to anyone when he was tearing and shredding the covers on the bed! He would all but run me out of the bed when we were trying to sleep. He was very spoiled.
He was a true and loyal friend, and always good for a laugh, he never stopped playing!
We had planned on putting him to sleep this morning. I was up until 2am with him.
He didn't make it through the night.
Goodbye my friend, I miss you already:cry:
I had a gut feeling from your last few days of posting that this might be the way it ended, sounds like he had a good life and was much loved, no regrets.
RIP Wolf! Go get them squirrels!
I'm sorry for the pain you two are feeling about the loss you had.

They don't live long enough but the short time they have is more full than most centuries' worth.

This Winter I had to put down an eighteen-year companion and a week later my daughter's hybrid (just like yours), who was only 2 years old, in spite of his short leash in her pick-up bed, fell out of her truck around a curve while she slowed to 50mph. His collar let go after he hung a few feet, fell and rolled into the oncoming traffic. She saw the whole thing from her mirror. He died in her arms an HOUR later. They were in life, inseperable and he was a constant trusted protector for her unlike many times I couldn't of been.

The only reason I'm graphically telling this tragedy - and it sure was - is in spite of our family's hurting sorrow that and the next few days the only thing that lit a light to make us laugh again was when a friend (even though we insisted "no more animals") brought us over a new dopey-floopy loving mutt puppy. It was medicine for us I didn't expect, we surfaced again, most importantly my daughter laughed again in spite of her deep funk I didn't think she'd pull out of.

I'm just suggesting a way to reduce the hurt - if you're up to it. It sure worked for us in spite of my die-hard directive to reduce the dogs around here - given time.
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We still have the Lab/Sheppard dog, he's 12 though, but he's good company and I think he and I will spend a lot more time together now.

I am not ready for another dog yet. I had set in my mind ahead of time I wanted to wait until our son is older before getting another dog. He's 3 1/2 now, and I think him being a little older would be better for all of us.

I am sorry to hear of such a horrific incident Reed, that would be very hard to get over!
A tough thing to lose a loved dog, even tougher to make the decision to let them move on to a better place. I still miss Fitz in my avatar. It will get better.:cry:
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He is at peace, and no longer in agony or misery.
A friend came through for me bigtime today. We have have had at least six inches of rain.
I told him what was up "No problem Andy!" I was back in about a half hour. He had a hole dug, as far out into the pasture as he dared, and told ne he would take care of everything for me. I cannot thank him enough!!!
Wolf is resting overlooking a large pasture.
I'd expect that he'd be sticking around you a few more days before heading off....that's the impression I get when losing a beloved pet.

Sorry about the sadness.
Wolf is resting overlooking a large pasture.

That's good. Dogs love pastures. :)

Sorry for your loss, Andy. You gave him a good life, though....and it sounds like he returned the favor.
frig man that sucks.
I lost my best bud when he was 16, shepard lab. He too was good enough not to make me put him down, thank someone for small mercies

drink one for me
A nice spot to rest, and maybe mark it with something cool.
Thanx for writing about Wolfgang. It's a great way to memorialise him.
Sorry for your loss, Andy.
Im sorry bro, good on you for being up with him to the end.
I think there is a place in heaven for dogs.
Ive dreamed about it many times.