Will It Work On The Moon?


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Mar 6, 2005

Of course, if you're not bright or experienced enough to know where to attach it and need the big "ATTACH HERE" with arrows.... you shouldn't be in the damn thing.
It even has a built in diaper in case you crap your pants!
Heh he fitted in Anna's little harness :) Pete pm me your no. as mines changed mate.
Last I heard, there weren't many trees on the moon. A few canyons perhaps.
Gravity being what it is on the moon, I bet you could keep alot of slack in your line. Hardly even need a fall arrest rated harness, just take a loop around your wrist.
Gotta have a shatter proof helmet tho... bouncing around on the rocks would be fun

Is the moon even there? Or is it a big mirror set up by the government to reflect the sun's rays to make us think the earth is round and not flat?
Who ever designed that saddle surely did not wear it for it any length of time.
Not only would it be sweaty as all ready
described. But that fart trap, diaper deal would pull the belt down on your waist every time you put your weight in it