Veggie Sammich


'cause chicks dig scars
Nov 13, 2005
The Great Pacific Northwest
I am in no way a vegetarian or a vegan... I am still a carnivore. :)

However... my girlfriend has got me hooked on these veggie sammiches. I made this one to take to her for lunch at work. I have an evening shift tonight, so i usually drop off a little somethin' for her to snack on. I guess the cheese on there makes it not a true "veggie"... but oh well... :lol:

Oh yeah... she's a carnivore too... :)

But these sammiches are pretty good! :|:



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All it needs is MEAT.


Agreed. But Butch, you haven't seen how slim the G man is these days. He prolly goes a buck fitty at the most.

My daily turkey sammich is two pieces of whole wheat, a slice of pepper jack....and a full half pound of sliced turkey. You could say I'm a big eater...:/:

Does look appetizing Gary. I may have to add some jalepenos to my sammich today to get some "veggies" on there myself.
Mmmmm. I never thought about putting Avacodo on a sammy. Ima hafta try that.
Just keeping it healthful Willie...and Turkey combines extremely well with avocado on the palate.
Come on, you bunch of growling cavemen...the thread is titled Veggie Sammich :lol:.

You want to put up a thread on Carnivore Sammich's, go ahead, but leave Gary's ladyfriend's sammich alone for gosh sakes! :P
It's spelled "sammich" for a reason. The M is for MEAT and the second M is for MORE MEAT. Without meat it isn't a sammich!
that a vegamite samwhich.......
vegamite is good on toast though...I eat it.
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Vegamite is for Aussie's and girls. Real men have...