Vacation Pics Of the Family


California Hillbilly
Jun 30, 2008
Near Yosemite in CA USA
Some pictures of our lil family on vacation up her in the Sierras. Took a week and rented a house on Bass Lake. Took our lil boat and lots of food and beer.
My kids are the short haired blonds (2 and 5) and the teen with glasses and the dark haired teen are like my neice and nefew. The blonde that is obviously showing (preggy) is my Katy. The taller guy with the kids is my best friend and business partner Rob. We went to Mariposa Grove also as our cousins girlfriend had never seen the big sequioas...
We had a great time and got some good fun in .. not to mention rest and such..
This is you?

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Its awesome squisher,, about 3500 foot elevation and full of cedar and ponderosa pine. About 30 min from Mariposa Grove with some Giant sequoia. 1 hour out of Yosemite Ntnl Park. Only about an hour from home so return trip is no worries... The house is awesome, we rent it for a week and it will acoommidate at least 13 with the guest house. Comes with it's own dock slip also. Love it! Set a Keg on ice out on the porch and BBQ and such all week. Fish all day... Swim and hike. Star gazing at night is also a great pleasure. Boat has lights and such... Fricken great break after a year of workin butt off...
That's a nice collage of pic's. The Sierra's are beautiful. There's just no getting around it. Terri and I will be in Sequoia next spring. In the Giant Forest! Now if I could just sneak a rope up one of them trees.
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The Sequoia are amazing. I am always left with a sense of awe, same with the giant redwoods. In as much as I once dreamed of climbing one when I was younger, I am happy they keep people off of them. People ignore the signs to stay on the paths, and the ground around them gets trampled and packed tight. I can imagine what could happen if people were allowed to climb, aside from professionals.. of course.. LOL