Truck purchase advise?

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I'm shopping around for equipment finally, and I have some decisions that I wanted to run by you guys.

Here are two trucks I'm looking at. Around WNC it would be nice to have the smaller, but I'm worried about out growing it. I've talked to a few people that say that they wish they had gone bigger with the chip truck when they started. What do ya'll think?

Here are two chippers I'm considering."-92559459
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MY dad likes having a big knukcle boom as a lawn ornament aparently

I'm down for next week for sure!!
If you're going with that big of a chipper then you need the bigger truck. The F-super duty would be fine for a 12" chipper, but a 15"-18" would fill it up too quick and be too heavy to pull.
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Yeah, whichever truck I get it going to decide which chipper. But... I'm not sure if I should hold out for something better than the Bandit. I'm kind of partial to drum chippers, but it's in really good shape and low hours.

Also, the Ford seems a little small as far as the chip box goes. I'm wondering if I would be wasting my time with that little chip box.
Both trucks look decent. I can't complain about my F350, for what I do and want to do in the future, it's the shit...for ME. If you are going to grow, it's going to get old quick with the F350.
I say it depends on what kind of work you will be doing. I would start smaller and work your way up.

Buy the bandit they are always good used machines. I do Like the Isuzus for chip trucks, can get them into some tight place and always have good visibility.
Dont buy the disk chipper, after using a 17" drum for a couple of years I would never go back. F350 with 10' box is too small and a stick sucks to back the chipper up a steep windy driveway( smell that clutch). Cabovers are nice, I used to have an NPR except for one thing you cannt take them off road, no clearance and no traction, I once got stuck on a flat lawn because the sprinklers got switched on!!

Wada boot dis......
. F350 with 10' box is too small and a stick sucks to back the chipper up a steep windy driveway( smell that clutch). [/url]

Being 4x4 just throw it in low, and reverse is about as fast as a snail. You don't want to buy a Ford like that with an auto, you'll buy 4 trannies to one clutch.
The cabover is a way nicer truck.

And Never Ever Ever buy anything from Harv's Tree Service
I'm loving my bandit 250 still. Rated to 12" it'll easily meet that rating no problem. Autofeed + mini = kicking some ass.
big truck seems pretty high on miles, buy right and you can always sell. nothing wrong with the smaller truck other than whoever harv is
In my 20+ years in the tree business, I have found that anything smaller than a 20 cu. yd. capacity chip truck was a waste of time [for me]. One ton chip trucks filled up too quickly and struggled to pull the Woodsman 18X [8500 lbs.].
The later model Internationals are real nice trucks and can turn almost as tight as a cabover with much more traction.
Go with the cab over. And plus that F350 is an x asplundh truck. Then the 250 bandit. I havent heard nothing but garbage with vermeer. And if you want a big chipper look at the 1590's