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I have for some time made it a goal to try or attempt something new at least one time every 3 months. Whether it be a new skill or related to tree work.
While I have watched someone do it. My attempt at this some yrs. ago left me in a mental state somwhere between homicidal & slobbering,blubbering idiot. I have since recoverd.

I want to learn how to properly do a double braid eye splice!!

Money for tools is not an issue.
What do I need to help smooth out the bumps in my learning curve? Help, of any kind would be great
Double braid is one of the easiest braids, and quite rewarding once you get it. I use the New England Ropes instructions that are posted on their website. Some of my tools are fashioned from what I have available- a chainsaw file for a poker, needlenose pliers from the shop, coathanger wire for a fid/puller. Some good scissors and a roll of masking tape will also be necessary.

Good luck with it. :)
I've looked at those instructions and I guess I'm too clueless to understand them. I think I need to watch it done in person or in a video.
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That is about where I am at with it Steve!
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I will see if Sherril still offers it.
buy the toss video


Why go through Sherrill? contact Brian directly.

Sometimes I am amazed at folks. Remember the internet? Think! :what:

Simply typing in Google reveals Brian Toss's web site. THE FIRST ONE ON THE VERY FIRST PAGE

For what it is worth, they are real nice folks. His video is very good, and he explains stuff clearly. He or his helpers will send you everything you need.
And once you start doing it, start asking questions here. The double braid splice is VERY fun to do. I became obsessed with it a while back. I'm a nerd, I know....but I would splice a rope, chop it off, and do it again- refining the technique and what not.

I recommend starting on Sta-set, double esterlon, stable braid, or something flexible unlike 10mm beeline, blaze, or velocity.

For me, 3/8" is a good practice size to work on. It's more affordable than bigger ropes, but not TOO little.

I plan on doing a double braid splice vid- it's on my list. But don't wait for it. It will be a while. I have a goal of doing a vid per month.

Start with an easy rope like 9/16" stable braid... lifeline rope is can be frustrating because the jacket is so tight.
OK so Im ahead of you by a few months Riverrat, started splicing back in the spring when I decided to COMPLETELY reinvent my climbing system. I think the best thing you could do is go back to the Ebay rope guy and pick up some of his short sections of Nystron for cheap and make some fliplines. I have found the Nystron easy to work with and is cheap (strong too). I just picked up some velocity from him to try and man that was some tough stuff to splice......
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Soon as my rope arrives I will be back in here with pics & questions.
I did my first double braid last week and it happened to be blaze. If you follow the directions ( I used samson, either NE or yale has really messed up directions) its pretty easy. Good luck.
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It seems some directions leave out a step.
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For 20 bucks these will work out great for learning to eye splice.


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Whats a good pair of scissors? Where do I get um?
do you have a cutlery store near you? Thats a great place to start looking for some scissors. I have not had good luck at crafts stores or even sewing stores.

going in to the cutlery store means you can pick up the scissors and get a feel for them. Even bring in a hank of rope and challenge the salesperson!

I like the small blade, big finger holes type of scissors. You can get them for real cheap and they work well. Or you can spend alot of money.